What Ned's Done

Our Accomplishments

For the past four years, Governor Lamont has been the strong leader Connecticut needs during challenging times.

He put partisanship aside and brought Republicans and Democrats together to get our state back on track. Governor Lamont’s leadership turned deficits into surplus, cut taxes, and provided record funding for our schools and our communities. And he led the state through the pandemic — keeping our schools and businesses open and our people safe.

Connecticut is going strong — and, with Governor Ned Lamont leading the way, we’ll keep getting stronger.

Cutting Taxes

Connecticut families needed relief, and Governor Lamont stepped up to the plate:

Balancing the Budget

When Governor Lamont took office, he faced a nearly $4 billion deficit, and the state hadn’t operated a surplus in decades. He instituted a “debt diet” and turned things around:

“CT budget surplus shatters the $4B mark”

— CT Mirror

Job Creation, Workforce Development and Infrastructure Investment

As a successful entrepreneur and job creator, Governor Lamont knows how to help businesses — especially small ones — create opportunities for Connecticut residents. Here’s how he’s delivered:

“In 2021, New Business Registrations In Connecticut Jumped By A “Dramatic — And Likely Unprecedented” 20 Percent”

— Connecticut Examiner

Governor Lamont has held the line on wasteful spending that marked previous administrations while funding vital projects in every corner of the state:

Making Connecticut More Affordable

Governor Lamont has made Connecticut a better place to live and raise family by making the state more affordable for working and middle class families.

Government Efficiency and Modernization

Governor Lamont has made state government more efficient – saving Connecticut families time and saving taxpayers money.

Improving Education and Reopening Schools

Governor Lamont has supported educators and students; and led the effort to keep schools open while keeping students and teachers safe:

Strengthening Public Safety

Under Governor Lamont, Connecticut has been one of the safest states in the country, with the fourth-lowest violent crime rate. In addition to prioritizing public safety in our communities, Governor Lamont has:

Leading the Nation in COVID Recovery and Lowering Health Care Costs

Governor Lamont made sure we could reopen our state safely without looking back, and he’s gotten more families access to quality, affordable health care.

“Connecticut Ranked Safest State in the Nation During the Pandemic in December 2021”

— WalletHub

“Connecticut Becomes First State to Vaccinate More Than 70% of Adults”


“Gov. Ned Lamont's administration is appropriately developing a thoughtful, deliberate approach to reopening Connecticut”

— Joe Brennan, April 2020

Supporting Families

Governor Lamont has made sure that Connecticut is a great place to start a family — which helps attract new businesses and a dynamic workforce — and is fighting for justice and equality.

“Connecticut Moves to Blunt Impact of Other States’ Anti-Abortion Laws”

— New York Times

Combating Climate Change and Promoting Energy Efficiency

Connecticut families shouldn’t have to worry that the air they breathe will make them sick, or that we won’t address climate change before it’s too late. With Governor Lamont’s leadership, our state is a national model for fighting back against climate change, ensuring clean air, and transitioning to a clean energy future:

We need to keep Connecticut moving forward. We’ve got the best schools, the best teachers, the best opportunities to build a life, and beautiful parks, beaches, and natural spaces — no wonder thousands of people and businesses are moving INTO Connecticut, not the other way around!

The next four years are our chance to cement the hard-fought gains we’ve already won — and go even further to support Connecticut families and small businesses.

Governor Lamont believes in Connecticut and will keep fighting for our state every day. Let’s do everything we can to keep him in office.