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Fact Check: Experts & Independent Sources Debunk Stefanowski’s Latest False Attack

November 3, 2022

Governor Lamont’s response to COVID pandemic lauded by officials and voters

November 3, 2022

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Hartford, CT — In the final days of the campaign trail, Republican Bob Stefanowski has continued his streak of throwing false claims around about Governor Ned Lamont’s record, all as a last-ditch effort to resurrect his flailing campaign and waning poll numbers ahead of election day.

Bob’s claims of Governor Lamont exposing uninfected nursing home residents to COVID positive patients are false. Bob’s sources are incorrect and were later corrected after their original publishing. But something as simple as the truth won’t stop Bob from using inaccurate statistics and stories to try and scare voters.

Governor Lamont’s response to COVID was celebrated by multiple outlets and public health officials, including Harvard Medical School professor David Grabowski who said Lamont had “the safest approach” to COVID; while Becker’s Hospital Review said Connecticut was among “the most successful vaccine rollouts in the US.”

“As election day approaches Bob’s fear-mongering and false claims are getting more and more ridiculous. Experts and voters alike have lauded Governor Ned Lamont’s response to COVID as one of the best in the nation. His decisive leadership saved lives, kept our economy growing, and allowed our schools and businesses to reopen quickly and safely,” said Jake Lewis, Lamont campaign spokesperson.

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