The Facts


October 27, 2022


Onotse Omoyeni

[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Bob can dodge questions and give excuses but voters know that when it comes to common sense gun laws Bob stands with the extremists like the NRA, who endorsed him in 2018, and not with Connecticut residents. 

Just look at his record on guns:



Stefanowski said he was “proud” to receive an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, which he earned due to his commitment to repealing the Sandy Hook gun safety bill that has made Connecticut residents and schools safer. [Bob Stefanowski Campaign Facebook, 7/30/18; Hartford Courant, 5/25/22]


NRA letter to Stefanowski after earning the rating, “Our members will interpet your ‘AQ’ rating as being a solid pro-gun” candidate. [Bob Stefanowski Campaign Facebook, 7/30/18]


Stefanowski said the Sandy Hook bill was “not a good bill. I will veto any legislation that makes it tougher on gun owners”. [CT Insider, 5/27/22]


The National Rifle Association spent thousands of dollars in 2018 trying to get Stefanowski elected. [SEEC, NRA Political Fund, Filed 10/30/18]


Stefanowski refuses to release his answers to the NRA questionnaire that earned him his “A” rating. [CT Insider, 5/27/22


In a video, Stefanowski said “Gun-free zones can be a bad thing”. [Hartford Courant, Editorial, 10/31/18]


In 2018, Po Murray, chairwoman of the Newtown Action Alliance,said ‘We cannot go backwards … we cannot lose the governor’s seat to an NRA candidate … it will have a chilling effect in America.’” [Hartford Courant, 10/29/18]