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FACT CHECK: Stefanowski’s Extreme Economic Policies Would Be Disastrous for Connecticut’s Families

September 27, 2022

Sept 27, 2022

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Hartford, CT — What’s Bob Stefanowski’s plan for the economy? In addition to ripping up budgets – slashing funding for our schools, essential services, and more – Stefanowski’s plan would take Connecticut backwards. How?



  1. Of the effect Stefanowski’s proposal to phase out the income tax would have on the state’s economy, UCONN Professor Fred Carstensen said, “There would be no way even to begin phasing out the income tax without decimating aid to all municipalities, driving up property tax rates and exacerbating urban poverty.” [CT Mirror, 8/1/18]

  2. Justin Elicker, mayor of New Haven, said following Stefanowski’s unveiling of his most recent economic plan, ​“Let’s be clear, Mr. Stefanowski, by proposing we cut the sales tax, would cut municipal aid and force municipalities like New Haven to raise taxes.” [New Haven Independent, 9/20/22]

  3. And his recently released economic plan would weaken the state’s rainy day fund at a dangerous time, as the national economy nears recession. “Bob Stefanowski’s promise to gut the Rainy-Day fund — especially at a time when the Governor has helped bring it to its highest level ever — would only create financial storm clouds and economic uncertainty for middle class families,” said Sen. Gary Winfield, D-New Haven. [CT Public Radio, 9/21/22]