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Griebel-Frank Party Endorses Gov. Lamont and Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz for Reelection

September 7, 2022

Today, Connecticut’s Griebel-Frank Party announced their endorsement of Governor Lamont for reelection praising commitment to electoral reforms and ranked choice voting.

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Today, Griebel-Frank for CT, a third political party representing nearly 55,000 people across the state of Connecticut, endorsed Governor Ned Lamont and Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz for reelection.

“I am proud to earn the endorsement of the Griebel-Frank Party. The past three and half years prove that Connecticut works better when we put partisan politics aside and focus on confronting our shared challenges,” said Gov. Lamont. “We owe it to people in every corner of the state to offer more choice at the ballot box and inspire renewed competition and representation in the electoral process. That’s why we’ve worked to expand access to the ballot with early voting, and that’s why we’re going to fight for ranked choice voting and no-excuse absentee ballot requests for people across the state.”

“I am honored to earn the endorsement of the Griebel-Frank Party. Connecticut is home to a wide-range of political views, and our state benefits from this. Common-sense collaboration is how we navigated the dark days of COVID-19 and how we put our state on sound fiscal footing,” said Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz. “As a former legislator and Secretary of the State, I have fought to expand ballot access and give voters more choices in elections. Ned and I support ranked-choice voting as it promotes representation of viewpoints and candidates that are more reflective of our state’s diverse population.”

“We are excited to endorse Governor Lamont and Lieutenant Governor Bysiewicz for reelection because of their commitment to ranked choice voting, including introducing a bill in the next legislative session,” said Monte Frank, Chair of Griebel-Frank for CT. “While we applaud their dedication to working across party lines to expand access to the ballot, we are particularly looking forward to working with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to enact ranked choice voting in Connecticut, an essential step to advancing our shared mission to fix our democracy by reducing hyper-partisan politics, and creating a system that provides the best and brightest from all of our communities a chance to rise up to serve. We are confident in the Governor’s leadership and ability to increase voter participation and help create the next generation of Connecticut leaders.”