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Lamont Campaign Statement on Stefanowski and Devlin Press Conference

September 6, 2022

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Hartford, CT — Today, Ned Lamont Campaign released the following statement from Spokesperson Jake Lewis in response to Bob Stefanowski and Laura Devlin’s press conference.

“Connecticut has the best schools in the nation because we have the best teachers in the nation. Governor Lamont knows we have achieved that because our teachers and schools work together with the community and families they serve. And he remains committed to working with teachers and parents to ensure our schools stay the national leader.”

“Bob is doing everything he can to jumpstart a failing campaign and distract from his record of supporting policies that would gut funding for schools and his opposition to the landmark Sandy Hook Gun Bill that increased funding for school security across our state. His announcement today is just another page out of the extremist playbook – voters know that if Bob gets elected he’ll stay loyal to his far-right allies who are spending millions of dollars to support him.”