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Stefanowski Breaks His Promise of Transparency, Won’t Reveal Who He Really Works For

September 2, 2022

Stefanowski has already failed to deliver on his promise of transparency, hiding his client list from Connecticut voters

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Late last night, Republican Gubernatorial Bob Stefanowski declined to reveal his client list– choosing instead to hide who paid him $36.8 million over the past three years.

The former payday loan CEO claims he picked up “consulting” after losing the Governor’s race in 2018. Though he’s spent the past few months flailing around the state, claiming he would be transparent, he refuses to reveal whose payroll he’s been on for the past three and a half years.

Given he began “consulting” in between runs for elected office, there is no telling whose interests he truly represents. While Stefanowski shields his client list from public view, it’s clear who is supporting his re-election. An Extremist Super PAC funded by notorious ultraconservative anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ donor Sean Fieler, has pledged more than $1 million to elect Stefanowski, who they hope will enact their radical agenda.

“The simple truth is that Stefanowski broke his promise to be transparent with voters. If he is serious about representing the people of Connecticut– not special interests– he has to come clean about who he really works for,” said Lamont Campaign spokeswoman, Onotse Omoyeni.

“Stefanowski has conjured up concerns about confidentiality in lieu of being honest with people across the state. Until he reveals his client list, the people of Connecticut won’t know who he really wants to represent in Hartford.”