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Stefanowski’s Campaign Reset Fails With Familiar Falsehoods and Plans to Eviscerate Funding For Schools

August 30, 2022

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski held a press conference in Hartford armed with nothing but illegitimate proposals and false attacks.

Stefanowski continued his desperate misinformation tour amid the complete chaos and disarray in his campaign. Despite claiming he wants to make Connecticut more affordable, he recruited a running mate that voted against $650 million in tax cuts for working people and middle earners. His proposal today – cutting fees for novel services – would be less than a drop in a bucket compared to the savings Governor Lamont and Connecticut Democrats delivered with historic tax cuts.

His plans to eliminate the income tax would dry up municipal aid – causing us to split pennies between our schools, our infrastructure, public safety, assistance, and healthcare programs. After making a fortune trapping working people in high-interest loans, Stefanowski is comfortable leaving scraps for Connecticut’s most vulnerable and the programs they rely on.

“Today Bob Stefanowski launched another attempt to reset his flailing campaign with a message that shows he still doesn’t have a legitimate policy proposal. Stefanowski’s antics – summoning cameras to propose $50 million in savings after his running mate voted against $650 million in tax cuts for working people – prove he’s not serious about leading the state,” said Lamont Campaign spokeswoman Onotse Omoyeni.

“Governor Lamont’s policies have made real beneficial impacts that Connecticut families and businesses are experiencing right now. Changes like the child tax rebate, the expansion of the earned income tax credit, and cutting the business entity tax. Beyond historic tax cuts, Governor Lamont has turned a budget deficit into a record surplus, raised the minimum wage, and invested millions into education, childcare, and work training programs. Ensuring that Connecticut is the best state to work, live, and raise a family.”