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CT Insider: How a CT Company Near Death Became a Campaign Ad

August 23, 2022

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Today, Governor Lamont’s Reelection Campaign launched a new ad, showcasing Lamont’s business savvy as an asset to Connecticut’s small business owners and employees.

Hearst Media’s Dan Haar pulls back the curtain on a new 30-second ad, which tells the story of S&S Worldwide, a 100-year-old Connecticut company whose 200 employees were saved by quick action from the Lamont Administration, after its senior lender “brought down the hammer” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Governor Lamont’s leadership will keep small businesses like S&S in Connecticut for another hundred years. Decisive action in his first term delivered relief and established policies that give anyone with a dollar and a dream a fair shot at bringing their business to life,” said Lamont Campaign spokeswoman, Onotse Omoyeni.

“While Governor Lamont was working for Connecticut’s businesses, employees, and families, Bob Stefanowski was working for a secret client list, and is now using his income to fund a campaign proposing reckless fiscal policies and embracing extremist allies.”

Click here to view Gov. Lamont’s latest ad, “Connecticut Works.”

Connecticut Works

Adam Schwartz, Co-President of S&S Worldwide: S&S was founded by my great grandfather in 1906. We distribute school supplies, arts and crafts, phys. ed equipment– but when the pandemic hit that was almost it for us.

When the governor’s office found out about what was happening they immediately jumped into action. They didn’t ask whether we were Republicans or Democrats, they just worked with us, relentlessly, to get us the funding we needed.

Governor Lamont cares about our small businesses.

Governor Ned Lamont: I’m Ned Lamont and I approve this message.