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Elections Are About Choices and Anti-Choice, Pro-Trump Stefanowski & Levy Prove Too Extreme For Connecticut

August 10, 2022

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT –  With the primary election over, the stakes for Connecticut voters could not be higher as extreme, anti-choice, pro-Trump candidates Bob Stefanowski and Leora Levy prepare to begin their general election campaigns.

Levy, who received thousands of dollars in financial backing from Bob Stefanowski, was the preferred candidate of Bob and hand-picked by former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Levy in front of a Stefanowski campaign backdrop.

Stefanowski has tried to disguise his history of supporting Donald Trump, supporting the NRA, and refusing to stand up for women’s rights–but in recent weeks the candidate he supported has doubled down on her anti-choice stance and earned the highest possible rating from the NRA and the Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC). Stefanowski is working hard to hide from the truth, but tonight, Levy committed to working even harder to deliver on the extremist agenda and promises she made to him, Donald Trump and the people of Connecticut.

“Bob Stefanowski invested thousands of dollars in support for Leora Levy. Last night, she delivered a return on that investment and then some,” said Lamont Campaign spokeswoman Onotse Omoyeni. “Long gone are the days of the responsible Republicans in Connecticut – with Levy and Stefanowski leading the ticket, Trumpism has hijacked Connecticut’s Republican party, and the choice for voters the November could not be clearer– four years of anti-choice, pro-NRA, fiscal recklessness or four more years of responsible fiscal leadership, tax cuts built to last, and protecting women’s rights.