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Endorsed by Trump and Funded by Stefanowski, Extreme U.S. Senate Candidate Brags About Her Biggest Supporters

August 5, 2022

At Republican Town Committee meeting, Levy reveals she is supported by both Donald Trump and Bob Stefanowski

Onotse Omoyeni
[email protected]

Hartford, CT – Yesterday, Leora Levy, the candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, who received two $2,900 donations from Bob Stefanowski, bragged about her latest endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bob Stefanowski, used his funds to max out twice to Leora Levy, sending $5,800 to her anti-choice campaign. Though in recent weeks Stefanowski has tried to mislead Connecticut voters into believing he’d left his extremism in the past, following his money trail proves otherwise.

President Trump’s endorsement of Levy– which was delivered in front of a Stefanowski campaign backdrop and comes two weeks after she doubled down on her pro-life polices in a debate– follows an a show of support from the NRA, which gave her their highest possible rating on Wednesday.

In his endorsement, President Trump called Levy a “tireless advocate” for “Conservative Values,” who will work hard to “Secure the Border” and “Protect the Second Amendment.” Her endorsements from President Trump and the NRA make up the same extremist pair Stefanowski received in 2018.

“Stefanowski keeps trying to bury his extremist past– but you can’t hide from the present,” said Lamont Campaign spokeswoman Onotse Omoyeni. “It’s clear that Donald Trump and Bob Stefanowski want the same kind of person representing Connecticut in the U.S. Senate– someone willing to pursue anti-choice policies and serve at the pleasure of the NRA. It begs the question– what kind of extremist policies would Stefanowski pursue if he were Governor?”