Fixing the DMV Less Time at the DMV

  • Extend Licenses and Registrations

The simplest and most cost-effective way to improve your interactions with the DMV is to reduce your interactions with the DMV.  Although many states allow their residents to go eight years between new licenses, our legislature recently refused to extend Connecticut licenses beyond six years. I’ll extend the length of your license by a third. I’ll also extend the length of your registration by half, to three years the length of most car leases instead of two. Those changes will decrease visits and improve wait times for everyone.

  • Transform Customer-Facing Processes

We’ve all been there – you wait in line for an hour only to be placed in a second one to fill out another form, and then another. You get in line, take a number, sit-down, only to stand back up, show your paperwork, and sit down again to wait for another window. There are simply too many steps in the process for customers – and the sheer number of steps within a branch to complete a single transaction results in a poor customer experience full of confusion and frustration. It’s driving up wait times. I will charge the commissioner with cutting out unnecessary bureaucratic steps, revamping processes so that they’re simple and straightforward, and making sure staff are trained to use any new software up front, rather than having to learn it on the fly.

  • Open New DMV Express Centers

Connecticut residents shouldn’t have to go to a DMV location for simple services. Until recently, they didn’t have to: AAA offices in eight municipalities processed 150,000 annual renewals. Since those offices closed, wait times have spiked. One proven solution is making better use of an existing resource: our 169 town halls. By opening DMV Express Centers staffed by experienced DMV employees in twenty of those halls and by deploying kiosks to additional businesses, we’ll be able to provide simple, effective services to residents across the state and reduce lines inside agency branches at a relatively low cost.

  • Create New Regional DMV Supercenters

As we open local centers across the state, we also need to tear apart service-as-usual and completely reinvent, rethink, and revamp the way the DMV flagship branches do business. Right now, there are 8 hub offices, 5 limited service locations, three appointment-only offices, and one “other service” location. That means we have 17 locations with varying and limited degrees of service. Instead, we need to modernize our hub offices into new supercenters, well served by public transportation, that are thoughtfully designed, equipped, and staffed to offer a best-in-class customer experience – during business hours convenient for those customers. That will streamline service provision and save money down the line.

Connecticut Values

Ned is running for Governor because we need to change Connecticut’s direction before we fall too far behind. 

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