Fixing the DMV Bring the DMV into the 21st Century

  • Introduce Modern, Customer-Facing Technology

Modern conveniences perfected in other states, and by banks and other private companies, need to be introduced across the Connecticut DMV. That begins with everyday expectations like remote renewals so that residents will rarely need to visit a branch in person. It includes more pioneering customer-centered technologies, like a recent Louisiana program that allows residents of that state to carry a validated digital copy of their license on their phones and tablets. And it ends with a better experience for every DMV customer in the state. We also need to publicize which services are currently available online, because one in every three DMV visitors is there to accomplish an errand that can already be done remotely.

  • Overhaul Software Platforms

It’s not just our customer-facing software that’s fallen behind the times. DMV computers rely on a decades-old mainframe and a patchwork of other systems that cause glitches, create inefficiencies, and waste time. We need to modernize and integrate those systems to provide a seamless customer experience and 21st-century services to Connecticut residents. That’s why I will complete the long-standing project to overhaul the DMV’s software.

Connecticut Values

Ned is running for Governor because we need to change Connecticut’s direction before we fall too far behind. 

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