Fixing the DMV Accountability

  • Strengthen Outside Contracts

The last time the DMV tried to modernize its systems, Connecticut residents spent $26 million on a lemon. 3M, the company hired to do the job, didn’t live up to its end of the bargain. As a result, wait times spiked, registrations were cancelled, and confusion ensued. We need stronger claw back standards on the books and in our contracts so that taxpayers know their money is being well-spent on quality services – and that their money will be returned if companies don’t follow through on their promises. In the middle of a fiscal crisis, we cannot let vendors get away with doing a poor job or find ourselves in prolonged legal battles over shoddy service. Instead, we need to be clear that if you want to do business with the State of Connecticut, we expect best-in-class service – and our money back if we don’t get it. We also need to ensure we have full and instant access to the code written by the vendors we hire.

  • A Top-To-Bottom Review Aimed at Cutting Fees and Saving Dollars

The DMV should not make Connecticut residents stand in line all day, and then make them pay some of the country’s highest fees for driver’s licenses, road testing, and other services. I commit to a thorough review of the fees at the DMV and to making sure that fees for non-commercial services like driver’s licenses are no more than the regional average. Non-driver photo IDs, which are required to unlock so many public and private services, should be free to all our residents. And we should incentivize improved performance by allowing anyone forced to wait an undue amount of time for a straightforward service to get what they came for without paying a dime.

Fixing the DMV is about more than respecting our residents’ time. It’s about restoring their confidence in government. I will do both – and then I will take the lessons we learn streamlining the DMV and roll them out to other state service providers that also subject residents to undue delays.

Connecticut Values

Ned is running for Governor because we need to change Connecticut’s direction before we fall too far behind. 

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