I’m running for Governor to resolve Connecticut’s fiscal crisis and revitalize our economy – to put in place policies that will ensure a new wave of job creation across our state. We need a new kind of leadership. I’m not a politician, I’m an entrepreneur who started up and ran a small business right here in Connecticut. And I’ve got a plan that cuts property taxes for the middle class, transforms our business climate, and stands up for working families and Connecticut values.

Decades of fiscal mismanagement by career politicians have led to flat wages, lost jobs, and a sense that Connecticut has lost its way. It wasn’t always like this. Connecticut was once a hub of global commerce — a place where entrepreneurs moved to start new businesses and see them thrive, and where immigrants began their American Dream. 

That’s not all in our past, and we have a strong foundation for a prosperous future: a highly educated workforce, abundant natural resources, legacy and growth industries from insurance to aerospace to microbreweries, and world-class universities.

But our middle class has been squeezed by endless tax hikes and the rising cost of housing and healthcare. Our cities suffer from underinvestment, and too few of our children have access to an excellent public education. And politicians from both parties have defaulted on promises made to Connecticut’s workers by failing to fund their pensions.

The challenges we face are significant. So are our opportunities. But we won’t be able to realize them until we deal honestly and fairly with the fiscal crisis. I won’t be able to undo decades of mismanagement overnight, or even in a year. But I’ll bring Connecticut something that it has missed for a long time: leadership that brings everyone together so that tough choices are made clearly and fairly.

Here are my plans to give the middle class and small businesses a break, grow Connecticut’s economy, bring back jobs, and provide opportunity for all.